This document explains how to obtain information about the accounting mode and the current quota-test status.

Job accounting is done via a central database in JSC and the information about JUSUF jobs will be completed once a day around midnight, based on information obtained from Slurm database. Users can query information about their current quota status or the usage of single jobs by using the command:

q_cpuquota <options>

which retrieves the information from the database.

Accounting Mode

  • Users are charged for wall-clock time, i.e. for the time the nodes are occupied.

  • Applications are charged for complete nodes, regardless of the number of CPUs used.

  • If the CPU quota is used up, the jobs will automatically get a lower priority, and will start only if no other jobs are waiting. In case new quota is assigned, jobs submitted from this time on automatically get higher priority again, but jobs already queued have to be resubmitted to obtain normal priority again.

  • Quota bigger than a certain limit is granted on a monthly basis, jobs can be scheduled with normal priority until three monthly quotas (current, previous and next month) are exhausted.

  • Users will be informed by mail, if they run out of cpu quota or if new quota is assigned.

Command description



q_cpuquota <options>

Show values of granted and used CPU quota

available options:


Usage information

-h jusuf

For JUSUF only

-l <login>

For a given loginname

-j <jobstepid>

For a single job

-t <time>

For all jobs in the specified time period e.g. -t 01.09.2015-23.09.2015

-d <number>

For last number of days (positive integer)