SIONlib  1.7.7
Scalable I/O library for parallel access to task-local files
Utilities for managing of SIONlib files

Utitity Description
siondump Dump meta data information of a SIONlib file
sionsplit Split one SIONlib file into separate files
siondefrag De-fragment a SIONlib file
sioncat Extract all data or data of one tasks
sionconfig Print compiler and linker flags
partest Benchmark using SIONlib


Usage: siondump options <sionfn>

Dump meta data information of a SIONlib file <sionfn>.


-a print all information about all blocks
-m print all mapping information
-l print all sizes in number of bytes
-k print key-value statistic for each task
-K print key-value list for each task
-S print size of internal data structure in memory
-V show version number of SIONlib
-v verbose mode
-h show this help


Usage: sionsplit options <sionfn> <prefix>

Split SIONlib file <sionfn> into separate files.


sionsplit data.sion data/file_

creates files

data/file_00000, data/file_00001, ...


-v verbose mode
-g use global rank for numbering files
-d <num> number of digits for filename generation (default 5)
-V show version of SIONlib
-h show this help


Usage: sioncat options <sionfn>

sioncat <sionfn> extracts data from SIONlib file <sionfn>. With -t the output can be restricted to a single task and with -b to a single block. sioncat does not extract any SIONlib meta data.


-v verbose mode
-t <tasknum> write only data of task <tasknum>
-b <blknum> write only data of block <blknum>
-o <outfile> file data will be written to, if not specified stdout
is used
-V show version of SIONlib


Usage: siondefrag options <insionfn> <outfn>

Creates a new SIONlib file <outfn> from an existing <insionfn>. The resulting file has only one chunk. This can be used to make SIONlib files less sparse (e.g. by using -q 1 which effectively removes file system block alignment).


-Q <fsblksize> filessystem blocksize for new sion file in MB
(default from input file)
-q <fsblksize> filessystem blocksize for new sion file in bytes
-v verbose mode
-V show version of SIONlib
-h show this help


Usage: sionconfig

Print compiler and linker flags SIONlib.


(–com|–ser|–omp|–mpi|–ompi|–gen) select SIONlib API
(–cflags|–libs|–path) select output of sionconfig
[–32|–64] Precision
[–be] [–fe] [–mic] Cross compile
[–gcc] for GCC Compiler
[–c|–f77|–f90|–cxx] Language selection
[-V|–version|-h] Version, Help


Usage: partest options

Partest is a benchmarking tool using SIONlib.


Sion File Settings:
[-f filename] (–filename[=]) filename of direct access file
[-n <number of files>] (–numfiles[=]) number of files (def: 1)
[-r <chunksize>] (–chunksize[=]) sion chunk size (see size format)
[-q <fsblksize>] (–fsblksize[=]) size of filesystem blocks (see
size format)
Test Configuration:
[-T <type>] (–testtype[=]) type of test
(0:SION, standard),
(1: SION:, independant read),
(2:MPI IO), (3: Task-Local-File)
[-b <bufsize>] (–bufsize[=]) size of blocks written in ONE
fwrite (see size format)
[-g <totalsize>] (–totalsize[=]) global total size of data written
(see size format)
[-s <localsize>] (–localsize[=]) local size of data written by each
processor (see size format)
[-F <factor>] (–factor[=]) factor for random size
(0.0 to 1.0, def: 0.0)
[-R (0|1)] (–read[=]) switch read off/on
[-W (0|1|2)] (–write[=]) switch write off, on, or double
Special Test Options:
[-v] (–verbose[=](0|1)) verbose print info for each
[-C] (–nochecksum[=](0|1)) suppress checksum
[-d] (–debugtask[=](0|1)) debug task 0
[-D] (–Debugtask[=](0|1)) debug task n
[-L] (–posix[=](0|1)) use POSIX calls instead of
ANSI calls
[-M] (–collwrite[=](0|1)) use collective write if
[-m] (–collread[=](0|1)) use collective read if
[-Z <offset>] (–taskoffset[=]) shift tasks numbering for
reading by offset to prevent
data caching of file-system
(default: 0)
[-O <bytes>] (–byteoffset[=]) start offset, write <bytes>
first before using blksize
(default: 0)
[-j <#tasks>] (–serialized[=]) serialize I/O, only I/O of
#tasks are running in parallel
(-1 -> all tasks in parallel,
-2 -> use transactions,
-def: -1)
[-X] (–unlinkfiles[=](0|1)) remove files after test
Blue Gene/L, Blue Gene/P , Blue Gene/Q:
[-P <mode>] (–bgionode[=](0|1|2)) order tasks by BG I/O-node
(0 none, 1 ION, 2 IOB)
[-Y <sort>] (–bgtaskperionode[=]) number of tasks per BG
[-p <numtasks>] (–bgtasksort[=](0|1)) sort task inside local
communicator (0 distance to
ION, 1 global rank)
MPI-IO, GPFS options:
[-w] (–hintlargeblock[=](0|1)) Hint MPI-IO, IBM, Large
Block IO
[-Q <size>] (–hintiobufsize[=]) Hint MPI-IO, IBM, IO
bufsize in KB
[-x] (–hintsparseacess[=](0|1)) Hint MPI-IO, IBM, sparse