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You can't make it without materials, and you can't make materials without processing. This phrase holds for all material classes, and particularly for ceramics.

Research and development in the field of ceramics involves researchers from various fields, e.g. materials scientists, chemists, physicists, electrical and mechanical engineers. Beyond different fields, researchers are of very different education and career background, e.g. Bachelor/Master students, technicians, laboratory assistants, PhD students and postdocs. And generations are of course changing, the experienced ones retiring and the new ones facing old problems without having necessarily access to the knowledge accumulated over decades.

To date, there are a few very helpful textbooks on processing of ceramics. Beyond textbooks and scientific papers, very little references elaborate the practical side of ceramic materials science. What are the important aspects of powder processing? How do I mix and mill raw materials? How do I shape a ceramic green body? How do I select the right sintering method? What are the guidelines to design a heat treatment for sintering? How do I polish my sample?

We all miss a general cooking book for ceramics. This Wiki provides such a platform. A list of mostly practical articles helps anybody working on ceramics to set up his lab work. Everyone is welcome to extend the articles or to create new ones for the benefit of the current and future ceramic community!

A list of all available articles can be found here.

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This Wiki is hosted by the Institute of Energy and Climate Research - Materials Synthesis and Processing (IEK-1) at the Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany.