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UNITE Packages

  • Latest version: 1.1 released April 5, 2013
  • UNITE Module Files:
  • UNITE Installer:
  • UNITE Tools Package (includes UNITE Installer and Module Files and Tool packages):
    • Version 1.1: unite-package-1.1.tar.gz
      • Tools: cube-3.4.3, extrae-2.3, lwm2-1.1., Marmot-2.4.0, OTF-1.12.3, paraver-4.4.1, pdtoolkit-3.19.1 (x86_64 only), scalasca-1.4.3, tau-2.22.2, unimci-1.0.1, VampirTrace-5.14.3
      • Score-P components: cube-4.1.6, opari2-1.0.7, otf2-1.1.1, scorep-1.1.1
      • Utility packages needed for extrae and paraver: boost-1.46.1, libunwind-1.0.1, wxpropgrid-1.4.15-src.tar.gz

UNITE Documentation

Last Stable release

Obsolete Packages

(tools: cube-3.4.2, extrae-2.3, Marmot-2.4.0, OTF-1.12.2, paraver-4.4.1, pdtoolkit-3.18.1, scalasca-1.4.2, tau-2.22.1, unimci-1.0.1, VampirTrace-5.14.2 + Score-P-1.1.1 components)
(tools: cube-3.4.2, extrae-2.2.1, Marmot-2.4.0, OTF-1.11.1, paraver-4.3.4, pdtoolkit-3.18, scalasca-1.4.2, tau-2.21.3, unimci-1.0.1, VampirTrace-5.13 + Score-P-1.0.2 components)
(tools: cube-3.4.2, extrae-2.2.1, Marmot-2.4.0, OTF-1.10.2, paraver-4.3.2, pdtoolkit-3.17, scalasca-1.4.2, tau-2.21.2, unimci-1.0.1, VampirTrace-5.12.2)
  • ParMA Tools Package
    • Obsolete version 1.0: parma-package-1.0.tar.gz (tools: cube-3.3, Marmot-2.4.0, OTF-1.6.5, pdtoolkit-3.15-intel-aix-sol2, scalasca-1.3.1, unimci-1.0.1, VampirTrace-5.8.2)
    • Obsolete version 1.0b3: parma-package-1.0b3.tar.gz (tools: cube-3.3, Marmot-2.4.0, OTF-1.6.4, pdtoolkit-3.15-intel, scalasca-1.3.0, unimci-1.0.1, VampirTrace-5.8)
    • Obsolete version 1.0b2: parma-package-1.0b2.tar.gz (tools: cube-3.2, OTF-1.6.4, pdtoolkit-3.15-intel, scalasca-1.3b5, VampirTrace-5.8)
    • Obsolete version 1.0b1: parma-package-1.0b1.tar.gz (tools: OTF-1.6.4, scalasca-1.3b4, VampirTrace-5.8)
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