Release notes

Version 2.2.2

Release: 2019-02-04

  • New tag handling: Tags can now be mixed by using boolean operations (+ for and, | for or), brackets are allowed as well. Old , separated lists of tags are automatically converted. See Tagging
  • Extend parameter update documentation. See Parameter update
  • Platform files were renamed (system specific to queuing system specific)
  • Fix $jube_wp_relpath and $jube_wp_abspath if JUBE is executed from a relative directory
  • Fixed missing or wrong environment variable evaluation within JUBE parameters
  • Fix for derived pattern handling if no match for regular pattern was found
  • Fix default value handling for derived pattern
  • Fix unicode decoding problems for environment variables

Version 2.2.1

Release: 2018-06-22

  • Allow separator selection when using the jube info ... -c option
  • Fix internal handling if a script parameter or a template is evaluated to an empty value
  • Fix for different Python3 parsing conflicts

Version 2.2.0

Release: 2017-12-21

  • New feature: step cycles. See Step cycle
  • New parameter update_mode. See Parameter update
  • Result creation by scanning multiple steps now automatically creates a combined output
  • Speed up of the JUBE internal management if a large number of work packages is used
  • JUBE 1 conversion tool is not available any more
  • New general commandline option --strict stops JUBE if there is a version mismatch
  • Broken analysis files will now be ignored
  • Fix combination of active and shared
  • Fix sorting problem for multiple result columns
  • Fix parameter problem, if the continue command is used and the parameter holds a value having multiple lines

Version 2.1.4

Release: 2016-12-20

  • --id indices on the commandline can now be negative to count from the end of the available benchmarks

  • JUBE now allows a basic auto completion mechanism if using BASH. To activate: eval "$(jube complete)"

  • Fix result sorting bug in Python3

  • New jube_benchmark_rundir variable which holds the top level JUBE directory (the absolute outpath directory)

  • Fix CSV output format, if parameter contain linebreaks.

  • active attribute can now be used in <prepare>, <copy> and <link>

  • New FAQ entry concerning multiple file analysis: Frequently Asked Questions

  • <parameter> using mode="shell" or mode="perl" will now stop program execution if an error occurs (similar to mode="python")

  • <do> specfic work_dir is now created automatically if needed

  • directory attribute in <link> and <copy> was renamed to source_dir (old attribute name is still possible)

    • source_dir now allows parameter substitution
  • New attribute target_dir in <link> and <copy> to specify the target directory path prefix

Version 2.1.3

Release: 2016-09-01

  • Fix broken CSV table output style

  • Fix jube_wp_... parameter handling bug, if these parameter are used inside another script parameter

  • Added new optional argument suffix="..." to the <step> tag

    • Parameter are allowed inside this argument string.
    • The evaluated string will be attached to the default workpackage directory name to allow users to find specific directories in an easier way (e.g. 000001_stepname_suffix ).
  • The XML schema files can now be found inside the contrib folder

  • Added new advanced error handling

    • JUBE will not stop any more if an error occurs inside a run or continue. The error will be marked and the corresponding workpackage will not be touched anymore.
    • There is also a -e/--exit option to overwrite this behaviour to directly exit if there is an error.

Version 2.1.2

Release: 2016-07-29

  • The internal parameter handling is much faster now, especially if a large number of parameter is used within the same step.
  • Fix critical bug when storing environment variables. Environment variables wasn't read correctly inside a step if this step was only executed after a jube continue run.
  • Fix bug inside a <sub> if it contains any linebreak
  • Quotes are added automatically inside the $jube_wp_envstr variable to support spaces in the environment variable argument list
  • Combining -u and tags in a jube result run will not filter the result branches anymore
  • Allow lowercase false in bool expressions (e.g. the active option)
  • Fix bug when using JUBE in a Python3.x environment
  • The jube help output was restructed to display separate key columns instead of a keyword list
  • <pattern> can now contain a default=... attribute which set their default value if the pattern can't be found or if it can't be evaluated
  • null_value=... was removed from the <column> and <key>-tag because the new default attribute matches its behaviour
  • Added first JUBE FAQ entries to the documentation: Frequently Asked Questions
  • New active-attribute inside a <step>-tag. The attribute enables or disables the corresponding step (and all following steps). It can contain any bool expression and available parameter.
  • Fix bug in <link> handling if an alternative link name is used which points to a sub directory
  • Added new option -c / --csv-parametrization to jube info command to show a workpackage specfic parametrisation by using the CSV format (similar to the existing -p option)
  • Allow Shell expansion in <link> tags. <link> now also support the *
  • Restructure internal <copy> and <link> handling
  • All example platform files were updated an simplified

Version 2.1.1

Release: 2016-04-14

  • JUBE will now show only the latest benchmark result by default, --id all must be used to see all results
  • Bool expressions can now be used directly in the <do active=""> attribute
  • Added filter attribute in <table> and <syslog> to show only specifix result entries (based on a bool expression)
  • New <parameter> and <pattern> mode: mode="shell"
  • Allow multiline output in result tables
  • Fix wrong group handling if JUBE_GROUP_NAME is used
  • Scripting parameter (e.g. mode="python") can now handle $ to allow access to environment variables
  • Fix $$ bug ($$ were ignored when used within a parameter)
  • Fix $jube_wp_parent_..._id bug if $jube_wp_parent_..._id is used within another parameter
  • Fix bug in std calculation when creating statistical result values
  • Fix bug if tags are used within <include>

Version 2.1.0

Release: 2015-11-10

  • Fix slow verbose mode
  • Fix empty debug output file
  • Fix broken command line --include-path option
  • Allow recursive <include-path> and <selection> handling (additional include-pathes can now be included by using the <include> tag)
  • Allow multiple <selection> and <include-path> areas
  • New transpose="true" attribute possible in <table>
  • Allow recursive parameter name creation in <do> or <sub> (e.g. ${param${num}})
  • Extend iteration feature
    • iteration=#number can be used in the <step> tag, the work package will be executed #number times
    • New reduce attribute in analyser, possible values: true or false (default: true)
      • true: use a single result line to combine all iterations
      • false: each iteration will get its separate result line
  • Fix pattern_cnt bug
  • New pattern suffix: _std (standard deviation)
  • reduce option in <pattern> not needed anymore (all possible reduce options are now calculated automatically)
  • Fix jube-autorun and add progress check interval
  • Added --force command line option to skip JUBE version check
  • Added optional out_mode attribute in <iofile>. It can be a or w to allow appending or overwriting an existing out-file (default: w).
  • New version numbering model to divide between feature and bugfix releases

Version 2.0.7

Release: 2015-09-17

  • JUBE will ignore folders in the benchmark directory which does not contain a configuration.xml
  • New pattern reduce example Statistic pattern values
  • New internal directory handling to allow more flexible feature addition
  • New internal result structure
  • Fix derived pattern bug when scanning multiple result files
  • JUBE version number will now be stored inside the configuration.xml
  • JUBE version number will be checked when loading an existing benchmark run
  • New JUBE variable: $jube_wp_relpath (contains relative workpackage path)
  • Add Verbose-Mode -v / --verbose
    • Enable verbose console output jube -v run ...
    • Show stdout during execution: -vv
    • Show log and stdout during execution: -vvv
  • Change version mode to -V / --version
  • jube_parse.log will now be created next to the <input_config>.xml file
  • New syslog result type (thanks to Andy Georges for contribution), see syslog_tag
  • New environment variable JUBE_GROUP_NAME: By setting and exporting JUBE_GROUP_NAME to an available UNIX group, JUBE will create benchmark directory structures which can be accessed by the given group.
  • Benchmark results can now be created also by user without write-access to the benchmark directory
  • Parametersets are now available within each dependent step. There is no need to reuse them anymore.

Version 2.0.6

Release: 2015-06-16

  • users can now change the JUBE standard Shell (/bin/sh) by using the new environment variable JUBE_EXEC_SHELL, see Configuration
  • fixes a bug if a Shell filename completion results to a single file name (inside the <copy>-tag)
  • fixes stderr reading bug if work_dir was changed in a specific <do>
  • changes include path order, new order: commandline (--include-path ...), config file (<include-path>), Shell var (JUBE_INCLUDE_PATH), .
  • fixes some unicode issues
  • units in the result dataset will now be shown correctly if a file specific patternset is used

Version 2.0.5

Release: 2015-04-09

  • argparse is now marked as a dependency in It will be automatically loaded when using setuptools.
  • tags will now also be used when including external sets by using <use from="...">
  • change default platform output filenames: using job.out and job.err instead of stdout and stderr for default job output
  • new internal workflow generation alogrithm
  • parameter can now be used in step <use>, e.g. <use>set_$number</use>
    • external sets had to be given by name to allow later substitution: <use from="file:set1:set2">set$nr</use>
    • also multiple files can be mixed: <use from="file:set1,file2:set2">set$nr</use>
    • new example Parameter dependencies
  • allow use-attribute in file-tag to select file specific patternsets <file use="patternset">
  • Shell and parameter substitution now allowed in analyse files selection <file>*.log</file>
  • default stdout and stderr file will now stay in the default directory when changing the work_dir inside a <do>
  • start of public available JUBE configuration files repository:

Version 2.0.4

Release: 2015-02-23

  • fix bug when using JUBE in a Python3.x environment
  • time information (start, last modified) will now be stored in a seperate file and are not extracted out of file and directory metadata
  • jube run now allows the --id/-i command line option to set a specific benchmark id
  • jube result now automatically combines multiple benchmark runs within the same benchmark directory. JUBE automatically add the benchmark id to the result output (except only a specific benchmark was requested)
    • new command line option: --num/-n allow to set a maximum number of visible benchmarks in result
    • new command line option: --revert/-r revert benchmark id order
  • new attribute for <column>: null_value="..." to set a NULL representation for the output table (default: "")
  • new command: jube update checks weather the newest JUBE version is installed
  • new id options: --id last to get the last benchmark and --id all to get all benchmarks

Version 2.0.3

Release: 2015-01-29

  • missing files given in a fileset will now raise an error message
  • jube info <benchmark-dir> --id <id> --step <step_name> now also shows the current parametrization
  • jube info <benchmark-dir> --id <id> --step <step_name> -p only shows the current parametrization using a csv table format
  • add new (optional) attribute max_async="..." to <step>: Maximum number of parallel workpackages of the correspondig step will run at the same time (default: 0, means no limitation)
  • switch <analyzer> to <analyser> (also <analyzer> will be available) to avoid mixing of "s" and "z" versions
  • fix bug when using , inside of a <pattern>
  • JUBE now return a none zero error code if it sends an error message
  • update platform files to allow easier environment handling: <parameter ... export="true"> will be automatically used inside of the corresponding jobscript
  • update platform jobscript templates to keep error code of running program
  • fix bug when adding ; at the end of a <do>
  • last five lines of stderr message will now be copied to user error message (if shell return code <> 0)
  • fix Python2.6 compatibility bug in converter module
  • fix bug when using an evaluable parameter inside of another parameter

Version 2.0.2

Release: 2014-12-09

  • fix a bug when using init-with to initialize a <copy>-tag
  • use cp -p behaviour to copy files
  • fix error message when using an empty <do>
  • added error return code, if there was an error message

Version 2.0.1

Release: 2014-11-25

  • --debug option should work now
  • fixes problem when including an external <prepare>
  • update Python 2.6 compatibility
  • all <do> within a single <step> now shares the same environment (including all exported variables)
  • a <step> can export its environment to a dependent <step> by using the new export="true" attribute (see new environment handling example)
  • update analyse behaviour when scanning multiple files (new analyse run needed for existing benchmarks)
  • in and out substitution files (given by <iofile>) can now be the same
  • <sub> now also supports multiline expressions inside the tag instead of the dest-attribute: <sub source="..."></sub>

Version 2.0.0

Release: 2014-11-14

  • complete new Python kernel
  • new input file format
  • please see new documentation to get further information

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